Take time for yourself.

One of the most common things we seem to neglect is making time for ourselves. We don't count plans with ourselves as actual plans. I've been guilty of setting time aside for myself then when asked if I was busy I say no. The time we set aside for ourselves may be more important than the time we set aside for others. If we don't take time to clear our minds, ground ourselves, and allow the lessons we've learned to settle, how will we be clear minded in our daily life? All the work you put into your self exploration and personal growth will have been wasted because you've never allowed yourself to fully let it sink in. 

Time to yourself is especially crucial when coming back from your visit with Mama Ayahuasca. This was one of the best pieces of advice given to me by my friend when I was preparing for my trip.

"Take a few days off when you come back. You won't have fully grasped what has happened to you yet. And going from the jungle back to the city will be a big shock. Give yourself some time to fully integrate everything that took place."

Everyone always asks and prepares for what they need to to before their Ayahuasca trip but nobody talks or asks about what to do when you come back. While prep before drinking is important what to do when you come back may be just as, if not even more, important. Mama Ayahuasca is not magic. No one drinks Ayahuasca then becomes a super human free of all past traumas after. Ayahuasca is only 50% of it. She will provide you with the tools necessary for changing your life. The other 50% is up to you to do the work and use what she has taught you. 

When I came I back I felt like nothing happened. It was not until a week up to a few months after the fact that I began realizing the immense change that had occurred in me. I realize as I was living my life that I definitely was not the same person I used to be before. My habitual ways of thinking no longer applied. Things I valued before no longer mattered to me. Traps that my mind would set did not catch me. But having been the person I was for so long it took me some time to observe myself and see how much had changed.

Integrate. Take time for yourself and remember nothing is immediate. Do the work.