La Dieta

There are many versions of the Ayahuasca Diet also known at the "Shaman Diet." For the most part they are very similar with slight modifications. I will list what you must absolutely avoid then go into the gray areas. 

It is not required to diet before you being your ceremonies with Mama Ayahuasca but it's highly recommended. Runners will train before their marathon so why not prep your body so that you are ready when you arrive at your retreat.

The first thing that most places in Peru will give you when you get there is a "vomitivo." This liquid is ingested an induces vomiting to clean you out. Some people have it easy while others, like myself, will be at it for over an hour. The food you eat is something you can control so it's best to diet before your trip so that you don't waste anytime trying to clean out what you ate.

Things you MUST AVOID:

- Pork
- Beef
- Peppers
- Oils (all kinds)
- Sugar
- Salt
- All spices
- All fats (nuts, avocados, etc.)
- Alcohol and drugs (medical and recreational)
- Caffeine (including tea) and other stimulants
- NO SEX sorry! 

Things you SHOULD AVOID:

- Citruses (lemons, oranges, etc.)
- Poultry & eggs
- Processed starches (pasta, bread, tortillas, etc.)
- Ice

My first reaction to this was "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO EAT THEN???" It's nothing exciting to be honest but it really does pay off. Sweet potato became my best friend along with Orange Roughy because of it's naturally bold flavor. Grilling and boiling or eating raw is what you can expect to be doing. On ceremony days I felt it was the most effective when I stuck strictly to fish and plantains. This is what the Shamans eat when they're dieting. The Mother responds very well to this.

I survived on many fruit smoothies made by my Vitamix blender. It purees ANYTHING. I was able to enjoy my "ice cream" made with frozen bananas and other fruit along with mashed sweet potato and grilled fish. It was delicious!