100% Natural Toothpaste


Simply mix the ingredients together. You can use 1/4 baking soda, 1/4 diatomaceous earth and half coconut oil. Add essential oil for flavor. Feel free to tweak the portions to whatever you like. If you live in hot climates simply place the mixture in the refrigerator for a few minutes to it can harder. Then scoop it out with a spoon when you're ready to brush. Don't leave it in there too long or it will get extremely hard and hard to scoop. 

Brush everyday? Yes. Floss? Yes. Rinse after meals? Yes. Why do I still have cavities?? I even went so far as to eliminate sweets from my diet altogether. I made a choice between keeping all my teeth or indulging in food. I chose the first. I was so frustrated in the fact that I was doing everything I could to save my teeth yet when I went to the dentist I still had bad tartar and cavities.

Then I had a thought one day. "What has been the one thing I've consistently used throughout my life? Toothpaste! Why is commercial toothpaste so sweet?" BOOM! It hit me.

  1. I'm brushing my teeth with artificial sweeteners. No wonder I'm getting cavities!
  2. And what exactly is fluoride? I'm not a hundred percent sure. What I do know is that Hitler put it in the concentration camps' water to make people more docile and easier to control. Why am I voluntarily using it??
  3. Glycerine. It is a sweetening and preserving agent used in toothpaste. Glycerine coats the teeth and prevents teeth from being able to remineralize. That's right you heard it! Your cavities can heal themselves if you don't put stuff on your teeth that prevent them from doing what they're supposed to do!

I decided to cause of my tooth problems was commercial toothpaste. If you share my frustration this is the answer to your problem. You know how when you brush your teeth and you spit out the toothpaste it's white and foamy? Yup. Nothing got cleaned off. When I brush with this natural toothpaste what I spit out was brown and yellow. Gross. Better out than in though. On top of that the plaque build up throughout the day was almost nonexistent unlike when I when I was using commercial toothpaste and I had to brush 3 times a day. Here's to healthy teeth! 


Avocado & Honey Face Mask

Our skin is one of the fastest absorbing parts of our bodies. I myself try to eat organic as much as possible. Why didn't I do the same with the products I used for my skin like I do the products I consume? I began thinking about the products I put on my skin. I was scared I was becoming dependent on commercial products. Eventually I'll buy more spending more money because I have to use more. Look at most guys' skin. They look great and most of them don't use anything! There had to be a solution.

I haven't made a full transition yet but slowly I'm getting rid of commercial products in my household and finding natural ways to care for my skin. This one I stumbled on by simply thinking about the benefits avocado and raw honey had for me when I ate it. Why not my face too?

I tried this a few weeks ago and I'm in love! Usually after a mask or washing my face my skin feels completely stripped and dry and I quickly reach for my moisturizer. After rinsing off this mask my skin was so moisturized and glowing after I didn't need anything else!

Here's what you'll need:
- Small organic avocado (Extremely ripe.)
- Raw honey
- Muddler (Optional.)

You don't need much of each ingredient. You do want to make sure the avocado is very ripe and soft since you want to mash it up with as few chunks as possible. You don't need a lot of honey either. Only 1 to 1.5 teaspoons. Amazon sells a 22 oz. jar of Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey for $11.82. That's cheaper than most I've seen in the supermarkets. 

Pour the honey over the piece of avocado. Next take a muddle (I have an OXO Steel Muddler. It has a larger end than most muddles which provides comfort for your hand.), spoon, fork, or whatever you like to use to mash the ingredients together. Try your best to get most of the chunks out so that the avocado can be easily applied to your skin.




After you've mashed up the avocado, mix it evenly with the honey. Apply the mixture to your face and neck. Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. Rinse it all off and feel how nourished your skin is! 

This mask cost me just under $15 ($27 if you need a muddler) compared to most commercial masks which usually cost at least $50+! Have fun!