In 2003, chiropractors were the target of medical doctors and the FDA. They were being called "quacks" who did not help people heal from disease but instead made people more sick. Why? THEY WEREN'T SELLING THE FDA's DRUGS. 

Chiropractors find holistic ways to help treat their patients. Like acupuncturists, they adjust the body back to normal so it can do what it does best; heal. We are living in a society were it is not in the medical industry's best interest for people to be cured from disease. Why? They'd lose money. It is more profitable to keep people "on treatment" and build life-long customers. 

What happened with Chiropractors and their method of healing the sick sounds very similar to what's going on with Mama Ayahuasca right now. She's labeled dangerous and a Class A drug. This puts Ayahuasca in the same category as heroine! Not only is she far from a "party drug" but she is made from plants with no chemicals added. No one has an Ayahuasca ceremony for fun. She is not one to be tampered with like that. You go to her to seek clarity and healing.

Check out this great documentary DOCTORED. I saw it on Amazon. You can rent it there for $3.99 or buy it for $14.99. It's a great eye opener. It makes me think of Terence McKenna's quote I posted in my previous blog "Ayahuasca Is Truth."