Done with ceremonies. Now I can sit back and relax right? Wrong! The work continues.

Reaching your goal is easy. It's maintaining it that's the hardest part. This goes for almost anything because it doesn't involve a temporary shift. It involves a permanent lifestyle change. As stated in a great documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule "Ayahuasca is in no way the end all be all. She only opens the door to learning." When I came back from Peru I was on a "high" feeling like nothing was ever going to bother me again. I was "fixed" and was able live a light and fluffy life without problems. Man was that foolish! I constantly heard the miracle stories about how people transformed after their ceremonies. They became new people. Perfect almost. It made me feel as if I had missed something along the way. No one addressed the continued work they were doing along with the new struggles they faced. I realized that no one becomes perfectly at peace after doing Ayahuasca. They were simply dealing with things in a better way. The work is on-going. Red Hawk talks about this in greater detail in his book Self Observation.