Post Ayahuasca Experience

It seems like most people want to know how someone feels after coming home from their Ayahuasca experience. To be honest it is almost impossible to put into words. But I did come across this excerpt in the book I'm reading called Frequency by Penney Pierce. It's a great read and it's only $11 on Amazon! She sums up a great portion of what the post Ayahuasca experience is like.

"You are sucked entirely into the present moment away from your controlling ego. You can't make yourself do the things that used to work so well, and you experience the first real sense of your soul's vibration. There are simplicity, spaciousness, quiet, freedom, and peace. As you first encounter this state, however, it may feel like emptiness and your mind may panic and jump away, back to busyness and comfortable behaviors and ideas. As you let things be, you experience the profundity of your own being, and the experience transforms into one of relief, grace, and ultimately, joy. Suddenly you know who you are with your whole body! You've let go, found true center, and it feels greats! Ego? Who needs it! You're fine. fantastic, in fact--just as you are. You've reach 'end of progress.' Doing more is not the answer.
Now you enter a period which you may have very little motivation, feel like you're in limbo, crave time by yourself, or question everything you've done so far and your goals, as they no longer seem to fit or be interesting. You don't fall into victim thinking about these things; you're much more neutral, as though you're a scientist observing some alien life form. You focus on unconditionally accepting yourself, others, and life, and on letting go and trusting--everything. This is a time of ripening in which you saturate with the frequency of your soul and receive clear yet subtle signals directly from your core. It helps now to enter your body in a fuller way, to activate sensory and artistic awareness, appreciate beauty and simple pleasures, and take action that allows innocent childlike involvement.
In the relative stillness, you may feel that your priorities, belief systems, and molecules are being rearranged, that you're being 'rewired.' You recognize the last remnants of what's untrue about your life and determine to disengage from participating inauthentically in the world. It may be obvious that you don't fit well with the rest of society and you must resist the pressure from others to revert to familiar habits."

BOOM. For a moment I was shaken because I was unsure of who I was. I no longer associated with things I used to. Now I realize it's one of the most liberating experiences of my life. I am no longer solely dependent on my mind dictated by my ego to identify who I am. I am living life as it was meant to be lived. Free from judgment of the past and anxiety about the future. Mama Ayahuasca has allowed me to live completely in the present experience who I am instead of who I thought I should be.